Friday, 15 January 2010

Dreaming of summer days...

At the request of the lovely Naz at the Postcolonial Rabbit  ( I have done a little review of the ASOS floral skater dress I got a couple of weeks ago.

Here is my own little photomontage (excuse my ugly mug! Looking a little bit gruesome in the cold light of day. Our heating is broken and it is freeeeeezing)

It's definitely a summer dress, it's lightweight, unlined cotton.

I so want it to be summer again now. Just come back from holiday in (comparatively) sunny Morocco to all this snow and cold! I've already started compiling summer wishlists and looking forward to doing a bit of this

with my lovely boyfriend.

Naz also tagged me with the '10 things that make me happy' tag. My very first tag! : )

1. Being with my boyfriend

2. Sitting having a natter with my friends and family

3. Being outside and doing adventure sports

4. Getting something I have lusted after for ages at a bargainous price!

5. Reading in the bath

6. Going to new places

7. Pub crew

8. Nandos!

9. Swimming

10. Being silly and nattering with people online

I tag anyone that reads this who fancies doing it : )

(bit of a cop out, I know!)



  1. That dress looks gorgeous on you!

  2. That so cute on you, i love little floral dresses x

  3. Ooh thanks for posting the pics hon! It looks so lovely on you! The shape and print are perfect x

  4. The dress looks lovely on you! Such a pretty print too. I might have to go have a nosey on Asos now and see if they have any still in stock ;p

  5. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,