Friday, 16 October 2009


Sorry for the total lack of posts!

Being a fashion student is more demanding than I thought it would be. We are in lessons from 10.30-4pm most days of the week and it is so exhausting. We are expected to do quite a lot outside of lessons as well and I'm a busy bee as it is!

The reason why I am writing is because I am really saddened to hear of the demise of B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful.

They are the reason I wear makeup today. When I was about 15 I used to go into Superdrug and smear my face with things without really knowing what suited me or what kind of thing I was looking for. I used to leave without buying anything generally, feeling a bit dejected. After giving up on my 'dark blue Lancome eyeliner and Myrtille Juicy Tube phase' I was so pleased when B Never brought products out that actually suited me. Their eyeshadows have a really lovely consistency with nicely blendable pigment. I've actually got suspected swine flu at the moment (and look like a shiny pensioner ghost) so I can't do a special face of the day but I have raided my Flickr account for those special moments that have been enhanced by having B Never products in my life! (hehe, got to love a bit of cheesy sentiment)

(not quite sure what face I am pulling there!)

I wore this look when I met my boyfriend's extended family for the first time.
This is B Never pressed eyeshadow in the shade 'Bentley'.

I really do have to apologise for the incredibly rubbish pictures. As you might be able to tell from the pictures, I have shine issues. I don't tend to wear foundation but does anybody have any tips for dealing with shine? Have considered blotting pages but not sure if they work?

This is B Never pressed eyeshadow in the shade 'Belize'. It's the tiniest, tiniest swatching of it. You can build up a really dark eye with this shade if you wish. None of my friends are really into makeup so I have to keep it reasonably subtle! I love Collection 2000 glitter eyeliner - it really makes the eyes sparkle.

Will try and get some better pictures when this horrible cold has disappeared!

Anyway, the point is, B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful will no longer be trading after December 2009. Their products are produced by Lush and they have decided to close the makeup side of the business as it is proving unprofitable. I am sad to hear of their demise : ( . Their products are not tested on animals, use natural ingredients and come in the prettiest packaging. I've already asked my mum if I can draw up a wishlist of their products for Christmas before they are no longer available.

(I realise this totally sounds like an advert but it's not! I just really love their stuff and their products are the reason I got into wearing makeup more regularly. I've got ideas for posts on Mac Young Punk eyeshadow and various Gosh nailpolishes that will come up in the next few weeks if I have time - I'm not a one brand girl!)



  1. You will have to make the most of it before it goes- a Christmas wishlist is a great idea. Hopefully a lot of the prices will be reduced too!

    I had David for eng language too- he was lovely!x

  2. Haha it was exactly the same with ours! There were lots of noisy boys in it and he got so upset! Same with you- it was a lot better in second year. xx

  3. I'm sorry to hear about B shutting down, the Oxford Street store was nice.